It didn’t take too long for this to struck you:

you meet women everyday

refined, beautiful, tall women
and you can have at least one of them
if you wanted

but here is the fact
that will make yourself scoop out your own eyes (then eat):

there will be NO other woman of her likeness,
to make it even more difficult,
a woman like her who can think, sing and love
the way she does

and remember this in your heart:
there will be no other woman who can accept you,
of your faults and shortcomings the way she did,
a woman who can share a part of her to fill unto yours,
who will still love you in spite of you being
a pain in the ass

and let me shove the pain deeper with this question:

how could you hurt and let go of such a woman?




One thought on “Damned

  1. Your last line though…Look at me!I even wrote my blog to impress my crush…but she turned me down *_*
    Hey!I’m kinda new on wordpress…Kindly read my blog and tell me how is it.I’m open to suggestions :)

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