Ardor O Love


To your beautiful eyes and to all beautiful things they meant


We caught fire in love with one another

and we both laughed in a sort of madness

feeling the unquenchable flames

devouring our youth and innocence

and we flesh on fire, raring wolves in midday

occassionally, we kiss on foot and you

would love how she wrap her arms like

flowers around me, how she tip toe

crossing the vertical distance to reach

for my lips and sometimes,

we mix up days and nights, creatures

crazed of looking for their lost souls

but there we were, pouring time like water

her scarred hands touching me,

with a resounding infinity like an awaken

still pond by by the falling leaf

her warm dark skin revealing her soft fur

that burns in my fingers, and we,

obedient lovers, drunk in sweat, tears

water and blood; perpetual liquids

burning us from tongue to throat

eyes of absence and pain we have owned

once we were each other: I was you

and you were me and we spent time

sorting out romantically who was who.

of course, you won’t ask if I still love you

but as I’ve known, the heart doesn’t have

a way of telling when one has stopped loving

but how did I loved you, with silent desperation

and a great fool’s revolt

writing this, I know you wouldn’t want this

poem dedicated to you so I just laugh in a sort

of sadness and I know your heart laugh too,



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