The birth of my soul
The fire that burns in my heart

My love. My own. My sin!
Her and her alone. 

This Zonasha:

The very name that stormed
The dark mazes of my heart

And so, I loved:
One summer,

This woman, Zonasha
Standing at 4 feet 11

She stood with the gods
And I worship her:

This goddess. Who holds 
the scepter of my passion:

To her and her alone!

That very name

Came thundering 
Lightning my very soul

Unfastening the universe
Before my eyes

And I saw the stars. Planets.
Galactic objects.

Lifting our solitary beings
From the great oblivion and

Vast emptiness of our existence,
Everything that meant nothing

Until I knew her, her very name
That is both the joy and pain  of my heart:



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