Poem To a Poetess Walking out of a Bookstore

seeing you walk
in your edenic figure

tracing your path
to your lover

my short haired poetess,
oh look at you

you made love possible again
frankly, Zonasha Avvy,

i don’t know how you do it
how you loved me

as if i am your tiny bitten nails;
how you took strength to

love me more than your cat,
or perhaps just as equal

kiss by kiss
i am you

and you the diminute universe
expanding as my beingness

and if the time comes
that you have to leave me

i need you to know,
that i will remember you

just like at this very moment
inching your distance to me

a black ribbon in your head
and wearing your graceful smile

your eyes, beautiful as
forever they would be

this way, i will keep you in me
how you walked serenely

as if we have forgotten the world
that there is only me you, love.


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