Somewhat an Ode to Old friends

We’ve been here before

and i’m coming back

without the laughters

or the haughtiness of us


we’ve seen this.

the halls of this school

where my name was once spoken

and echoed down through the gates


that witnessed the passing

of new and old friends

as well as the parting and 

tears of those who had left


the rooms, where once, i walked

in and spent my days untroubled

of life’s trivialities.

that once, withhold us: lovers


your lips to my lips

the warmth of your embrace

and the simple love

that made this place, a home to us


here, at one time, became part of

where names have been spoken

and lost where memories were

made only to be forgotten


i pass through this with a heavy heart

recurrence of the past:

stairways, walls, lights, trees,

and all the little things that made us


yes, yes.

this is where all of us once belong.


What do you think?

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