A woman who looks like

The woman you loved two summers ago

Stands in a taxi stop

She holds flowers in her arms—

You thought they were Chrysanthemums

And you watched her from the window

Of a restaurant

While you are waiting for a woman

You just met recently

You see a man walking to her direction

And he surprised her; she laughed

Then his mouth said something—

She smiled and took his arm

And they began walking

It wasn’t really her but it still stung

Pain in your chest


You wonder about her

If she’s happy with somebody else too

Or if she’s still alone like you—

You still know her address and it isn’t

So far

You thought of rushing to her doorway

When a woman you just met recently arrived

She tapped you in the shoulder

And you welcomed her with a smile,

She got the eyes of an angel

And for a second,

You imagine of falling in love with her


She asked you how long you have been waiting

But your mind questions your heart

You’re thinking of the woman you loved

Two summers ago and of chrysanthemums


The petals are long dead.




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