To A Forgotten

I could still shape your thin silhouette in the dark

Your tiny nipples mounted in your small breasts 

Your skin shaping your meat less bones that used

To be of my concern:

‘How come your body is just as thick as my arm?’


It’s hard to say when did I loved you

Absolutely not when I first held your hand

for I am more alarmed as the skin of your fingers

Stretched like the bones are about to collapse,

Absolutely not when I first caressed your neck

And smelled the sweat of an animal from the woods,

Absolutely not when you left me without a word

Without a goodbye,

Absolutely not when I sent you all your letters,

All your lies back to your sickly hands


Maybe I loved you

but it didn’t came out bursting

flowing to melt my heart—


The heart cannot trust

What it cannot remember


I might have loved you, but

I have to ask myself, why did I love you?

How? When? Where?

What did I love?


Whom did I love?



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