A Train Love Story

     One glance

      And there she was.

     Standing at the opposite platform with her simple smile and her olive skin. Her face is a face that doesn’t require make up.it was a face you don’t see every day.

     You’ll ask
     What does she look like
     She must have been about five feet four. Plump face. Big dreamy eyes. Her shoulder length hair touching both sides of her face. Her bangs perfectly trimmed.
     What does she wear?
     Her legs is covered by her knee high skirt which is unusually long for my generation .She wore a black dress and a yellow cardigan with Pikachu prints and even with this, she was graceful in her dress. She was beautiful. Truly beautiful. But This is not what caught my eyes.
     Her ankles?
     Who cares about the ankles?
     Her breasts?
     I–I didn’t noticed to look there.
     What was she doing?
     Well, I was staring at her staring at the rail tracks when she turned her head and glanced at the opposite direction.

     To me.

     I smiled. It was a stupid smile. I didn’t intend to smile. She glanced at me uncomfortably and turned her head away—she blushed knowing this man is looking at her. What might she be thinking? That he’s a freak? Stalker? Pedo? Maniac? Rapist? Weirdo?
     I lowered my head as much as she did. I’m trying to stop blushing as much as she was trying.
     I tried not to look at her but I did.
     And she did too. Just as when two trains glided from both directions.
     People hurrying. Pushing forward for the door left me standing in the train platform. These people must be travelling for love but I’ll stay. Right here because just as the trains pulled off and began to accelerate, I waited for them to pass and disappear and I was staring at the only person who remained at the opposite platform.

     Plump face, with dreamy eyes. Graceful in her yellow cardigan with Pikachu prints with her perfectly trimmed bangs unmoved. Probably standing five feet four? But I am about to know her real height.
     I smiled.
     And this time, she returned it with a smile.
     I guess we both know what we have found.



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