Dark girl with the beautiful Eyes

to Jorellie


Dark girl with the beautiful

Eyes that glistened with sadness in

the dim light,

What a bizarre night it was

3 years ago

When I held your hand and asked you

To be with me

And the memory still comes back

With the exactness

Of your smile—

Our hands clasped together—

Two trembling hands.

I remember

We were supposed to meet one afternoon

But there was a typhoon;

I was standing in the gate

Wet in rain

“Dapat di ka na pumunta!”

I remember  you said

But I was too in love

To be stopped by a typhoon

You lend me your towel

So I can dry myself;

You made me wear

Your very small PE shirt

And your boyish shorts

I said my head was aching

And you let me lay in the sofa

And I remember you

Stroking, brushing my hair

I remember,

That was also the day when

Your mother came inside

And gave us ice cream

“Umuulan na nga mag iicecream pa”,

You said

You always try to be funny.

You scooped and pointed

The spoon in my mouth

I looked at you,

Are you trying to be sweet?

You know I’m not used to you

Being sweet to me.

But like a child

I obeyed and opened my mouth

Just a little

Eyes close.

The next thing I remember

Are your cold lips that tasted like

Ice cream—

I loved you more

Than I was capable of.


There are still afternoons

When I think of you

Especially at afternoons like this

When I happen to watch

500 Days of Summer or

Harry Potter

Or when I misplaced your

Pooh tshirt somewhere

And I’ll ransack the house

To find it.

I always find them in bizarre places.

In the kitchen.  Under the sofa. In the sink.

Or sometimes inside the refrigerator

I’ll put the your shirt back

In my cabinet

Close it. Lock it.

Only to find it somewhere else

The house the next few days.

Dark girl with beautiful eyes.

I’ll never know why they glistenned

With sadness in the dim light—

Or maybe they weren’t really sad

Maybe I don’t really know

What exactly they wanted to say.


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