Do not look for me

If you found me in a middle of a crowd
Trying to remember the significance
Of the places marked by our feet,
Of the streets
That has been painted by our
Faded laughter and tears
Or by the bookstore
Where I used to wait for you,
Do not look for me.If you thought you saw me
In the platform of the train station
This morning,
With a woman of red polka dotted skirt,
Embracing her arms
To mine,
Or you thought you
Saw me buying train
Tickets for two,
Please, don’t be a fool
Do not be enraged in your heart
For there is only me
And a baggage of your memories

If you thought
I have suffered in silence
Of my grief,
Of my solitude,
Of the nights
Spent looking at torn letters
Succumbing to the mercy of the mice,
Of cobwebs in my room
That insisted the death of my heart
Of the things we used to be
But now, we are not

Please, do not look for me
Do not search for me
Let the judgments of our separation
Be your truth
Do not pain as I have pained
Of losing you, losing me
But love, my own, my self,
If you insist of looking for me,
Or even of my mere shadow in the dark
Still, do not look for me
For I never left the shades
Of your heart


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